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Meet the Owner

"Blessed is she who believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her" Luke 1:45.  After years of stress, depression, heartache, and uncertainty about my purpose in life, I decided to focus on my emotional well being and mental health. At the age of 30, God placed it in my heart to share my process with the world.  To create a platform that not only I, but so many others, could come to that is free of criticism, and just heal. During my healing process, my Hause was my place of peace. Each room offered a different level of rehabilitation, and I designed my home to be my sanctuary that fed my mind, body, and soul. My promise is to be vulnerable to my Hause guests. To laugh, cry, share life experiences, and most of all create an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable doing the same in return. Let's heal together, one room at a time.

-Alexus Green


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